Quick fix for bad breath by Brampton Dentist

Bad breath can be easily taken care by the following : Brush your teeth 2x daily:  Brush all sides of the teeth - Tongue side and cheek side, reach all areas of the mouth especially back teeth.  We highly recommend using an electrical tooth brush however a manual...

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Teeth whitening in Brampton

Picture is worth a thousand words!  Check out the in office whitening we have recently done for our wonderful patient. Zoom teeth whitening is a wonderful way to get an instant smile make over without doing much to your teeth.   In our brampton dental office you will...

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Implant consultation in our Brampton dental office.

We are now booking complimentary detailed consultations for implants.  We get many inquiries regarding implants over the phone but we highly encourage everyone to take advantage of the detailed and complimentary consultation to answer all your questions.  Our front...

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My Child’s Tooth Knocked Out – What Do I Do?

A common accident among children whether it happens during their sports games, recess, or playing tag at home, a knocked out tooth should be seen by our Brampton Dentist and dental professionals right away. If your child is 5 years old or less and has knocked out...

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Oral Piercings – What You Should Know

A form of body modification, body piercings are not an uncommon practice. Specifically speaking about oral piercings – they have been around for at least 5,000 years! Tongue and lip piercings was practiced in ritual form in ancient African, South American, and Native...

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What is Dry Brushing?

We know how important it is to have a daily oral hygiene routine that is effective and healthy. All of our patients are encouraged to brush at least twice a day as well as floss before bed. Some patients add mouthwash to their routine and/or use a water flosser for a...

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What to Avoid this Hot Summer Season!

It’s that time of year again! With frequent heat wave warnings, it is important for everyone to keep hydrated and cool during this summer season. Enjoy all your favorite snacks such as popsicles, freezies, and slushies. While all these drinks and snacks have a lot of...

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Happy Canada Day!

Wishing everyone a very fun and safe July 1st weekend!   Our Brampton office will be closed for the long weekend. We will back to regular scheduled hours as of Tuesday, July 2nd 11:00am. You can email us or leave a voicemail - we will get back to you as soon as we...

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