Teeth sensitivity can be very uncomfortable and is a very common problem.  Our Dental Hygienists at our Brampton dental office come across this concern quite often. 

Teeth can be sensitive to hot, cold, sugar or just air.  Teeth sensitivity occurs when the top layer of teeth called enamel is worn from the crown and cementum is worn out from the root.  The next layer called dentin is exposed in the mouth which has many tubes that run to the nerve endings.

Here are some ways our Brampton Dentist suggests:

  • Use a tooth paste specifically designed to target sensitivity.  The active ingredient potassium nitrate blocks the exposed tiny tubules.  Important to remember that you must continue to use the toothpaste daily in order for the sensitivity to decrease or completely go away.  If you stop using the toothpaste, the sensitivity may return.  At our Brampton dental office, during an exam we check for sensitivity and give our patients some samples that they can try. 
  • Limit acidic foods such as orange juice, wine, pickles and oranges.  We at our Brampton dental office understand that it is important to enjoy variety of foods but we recommend using a straw for acidic drinks. We highly recommend waiting at least 20 to 30 minutes before brushing after consuming acidic foods/drinks.  Enamel damage is irreversible, it is very critical to prevent further damage as acidic foods can attack the enamel.  Having a drink of water after acidic food/drink is another way to neutralize the acidic environment.
  • During your visit at our Brampton dental office, we can recommend in office treatments such as fluoride varnish, desensitizing products  and finally restorations(fillings) if the sensitivity is severe. Our Brampton Dentist will assess your teeth and recommend the proper course of treatment.
  • Night guard is recommended for patients who might be grinding their teeth at night. Grinding can cause teeth sensitivity and can be prevented by wearing a customized night guard to protect teeth. 
  • Brushing vigorously does not mean clean teeth, however it does mean that you might be damaging your tooth enamel.  Our Brampton dental Hygienists go over the proper technique of brushing to educate our patients based on their need.  Correcting the technique of brushing can have great benefits to teeth and gums.  We often recommend a soft bristle brush.  At our Brampton dental office we give our patients samples of brushes after their regular dental cleaning appointment. 
  • Exposed roots of the teeth is another cause of sensitivity.  If the gum tissue has pulled away from the teeth it would be beneficial to consider tissue graft to cover the exposed cementum on the roots of the teeth.  Our Brampton Dentist can provide you with further information regarding this procedure.

Give us a call at our Brampton dental office at 905 846 3999 or e-mail us to book your next visit.

Written by:  Rav

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