A little knowledge and planning can help you if you ever come across a dental emergency while traveling. Prior to traveling, it is advised to visit your Dentist for a checkup. Your Dentist is able to provide you with specific advice on how to look after yourself and avoid any issues, including dietary advice. Although not usually part of the standard travel insurance packages, there are dental travel insurance plans that you could add to your package.

Tooth Aches

  • Tooth aches could happen for a number of reasons. Primarily, if you have a tiny crack, cavity, or void inside a filling, air may enter the tooth and cause pain. This can happen especially while flying as the change in air pressure heightens the risk of tooth ache. However, this symptom should subside within a short period of time after you land.
  • If the pain or ache lingers for a few hours after landing, try swishing your mouth in lukewarm salt water (1 teaspoon: 1 cup of water). This helps to reduce aching, pain, swelling, and will keep the area clean and free of bacteria. You could also add a little bit of hydrogen peroxide to the rinse water, just be sure to spit it out immediately.
  • Ensure you visit your Dentist once you are back home.

Broken Tooth

  • A cracked or broken tooth requires immediate urgency. If this happens, rinse your mouth to clean the area. Apply a cold compress to the cheek as this will help reduce the swelling as you make your way to a dental clinic to get checked.

Dislodged Tooth

  • If you happen to be an incident where your tooth as completely come out, you must take immediate action.
  • First, rinse the tooth with milk (or water, if milk is inaccessible). This will help to remove any dirt.
  • Hold the tooth by the crown (the top) and gently place it back into its socket.
  • Keep it in place by biting down on a clean piece of fabric.
  • If you are unable to place it back in its socket, store the tooth in a clean container with milk and get to a dental clinic as soon as possible.

We never know what we might run into our on travels, so it is important to have a little forethought. While in most countries, Dental offices are easily accessible it is also key to know what home remedies you could use until you get back to your home and visit your regular Dentist. Contact our Brampton Dental office today for an examination with our Brampton Dentist today!

Are you visiting from out of town and have an urgent dental emergency? Contact our Brampton dental office, we offer same day appointments. Call us now!

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