We love welcoming new families to our dental office in Brampton.  We often get calls from families who have moved across from another province or from within another town in Ontario and are looking for a new dental office to bring their families over.  The most common question we get is regarding how to have their files transferred into our Brampton dental office so they can become our family of patients.

We encourage our patients to take a tour of our facility or meet staff for any questions they may have regarding the office or opening hours of our office.  http://www.kennedydentalcarebrampton.com/contact-us-dentist-brampton/

We Often put our patients at ease by letting them know that we do all the paper wkennedy-store-frontork for them to transfer their files to our office.  All they need to do is sign a release form and your previous dental office will be able to send us all the information we need directly.  Often times we like to have x-ray records from the previous dental office forwarded to our Brampton dental office. Our Brampton Dentist will review the x-rays and we will then book your appointments.  During your appointment we will be glad to do a thorough  exam and address any concerns or questions you may have.

If it is a dental emergency, we do not immediately need your x-rays or other information from your previous dental office.  We accommodate our patients in an emergency situation to relieve them from pain in our Brampton dental office.  Families  are generally very happy as we get all their files in order before they come in for their dental appointment at our Brampton dental office.  Give us a call at 905-846-399 or visit our website contact us page to book an appointment.  Yes, we do offer weekend and evening appointments.  We focus on full range of dental services in our Brampton dental office from cosmetic dentistry to braces, Invisalign, wisdom teeth extractions, veneers, whitening and much more.  We provide all dental services and welcome new, transfer and emergency dental patients to our office.


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