Keeping up with your oral health can be expensive, especially when treatment has been delayed for quite some time. We understand the hurdles patients go through when creating and planning their dental treatment. This is why we are here to help!plan

Our Brampton dental office has a few tips to share with you so you can avoid such hurdles:

  1. Know Your Insurance Plan

Before stepping foot into a dental office, contact your insurance provider for a breakdown dental benefits that are offered to you. Information such as your dental benefits maximum per year and what percentage you are covered is key and will help you understand what to expect visiting with your Brampton Dentist for a checkup. It will be advantageous when creating a treatment plan with your Dentist, so you will know all of your options and feasibility. At our Brampton dental office, we can provide dental breakdowns for most major insurances as a courtesy for our patients.

  1. Before Starting Treatment, Ask for a Predetermination of Benefits

A pre-treatment estimate will confirm your coverage with your insurance provider and you will know what to expect at that visit as well. Doing this will allow you to be able to make better informed decisions about your treatments and appointments.


  1. Book and Keep Your Appointments

Once you know what dental treatment you require, and you are aware of what your insurance will cover and of any co-payments that go along with the treatment, you should make and keep regular dental appointments. Our Brampton dentist ensures your individual dental treatment plan is tailored to your needs, prioritizing the treatment from what needs urgent attention to what is considered minor care. The sooner you receive treatment for, the better it is. Delaying any treatment you require can deteriorate your oral health and thus becoming more expensive to restore.

Have questions about how you can create and plan your dental treatment? Feel free to call our Brampton dental office today to book an appointment for a checkup with our Brampton Dentist. We offer evening and weekend appointments as well!


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