Zoom teeth whitening – Before and After

Picture is worth a thousand words!  Check out the in office whitening we have recently done for our wonderful patient.

Zoom teeth whitening is a wonderful way to get an instant smile make over without doing much to your teeth.   In our brampton dental office you will be able to walk out with a bright white smile in about an hour.  Our Brampton Dentist or Dental Hygienist will assess your teeth to check if you have any tartar build up that needs to be removed before teeth whitening.  We are always advocating health first then cosmetic.  If your teeth and gums are not healthy, there is really no point in whitening your teeth.  Sometimes a cleaning is recommended based on the oral health status of the individual.  Other times our Brampton dentist will clean your teeth and polish them as part of the whitening procedure, if it is only a few teeth that need to be cleaned.  However if your oral health status is not ideal we will recommend a thorough cleaning before any cosmetic procedure.

We absolutely love helping our patients feel the best version of themselves.  Visit our whitening boutique:  Set up with magazines and Netflix while you get your whitening done 🙂  Its affordable and comfortable 🙂  Text for further questions at 416 648 2455.


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