Are you unhappy with your smile? Wish there was an easy solution for straighter teeth? Look no further!


While misalignments have traditionally been resolved by the use of metal braces, there is a more subtle alternative to correcting your smile. Invisalign is a smile straightening system that is ideal for patients who require alignment corrections, overbites, underbites, and crossbites. At our Brampton office, we offer Invisalign for patients who are deemed a suitable case for this treatment.

It all starts with a complimentary orthodontic consultation with our Brampton Dentist on site. At this consultation, you will be able to discuss your oral health concerns and expectations/desires you wish to achieve for your smile. Should you be a suitable candidate for this treatment, the Dentist will start planning your treatment towards the brighter, straighter smile you’ve always wanted.

The real effectiveness of Invisalign treatment is curated from the treatment plan. To start, the Dentist will require diagnostic imaging to gather all the data required for precise plannning. Once the images are processed in the Invisalign laboratory, an animation is created to indicate and communicate the entire 6-12month process (depending on your individual case). This animation will provide you with an image of the transformed smile you can expect to see once the procedure is over.

The aligners are durable and place the required amount of force onto the right teeth at the right time. To be worn daily, these aligners can be removed for eating and for oral hygiene. Each set of aligners is worn for 2-weeks. It is important to wear the aligners as much as possible and not to skip any days!

Don’t let misalignment ruin your confidence or your oral health! Call our Brampton office today for a free consultation to see if Invisalign is right for you!

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