It’s that time of year again! With frequent heat wave warnings, it is important for everyone to keep hydrated and cool during this summer season. Enjoy all your favorite snacks such as popsicles, freezies, and slushies. While all these drinks and snacks have a lot of sugar in them, be mindful; remember to rinse your mouth with water after having them and also remember to brush your teeth at night before bed.

And most importantly, drink plenty of H2O! Stay hydrated.

A common habit around this time of year is chewing on ice cubes! Also known has pagophagia, it is very common among us humans to finish the chunks of cool ice rattling at the bottom of our summer drinks. But be careful as ice chewing has its own unfavourable effects.

Chewing on Ice can cause the following:

  • Damaged enamel
  • Chipped and cracked teeth
  • Sore jaw muscles
  • Damage to fillings, crowns, braces, and any other dental work or appliances


So instead of chewing on ice cubes all summer long, stick to these alternatives:

  • Baby carrots
  • Celery sticks
  • Xylitol gum

Our Brampton dental staff at Kennedy Dental Care encourage patients to keep hydrated this summer! If you have any concerns about your oral health, feel free to contact our Brampton dental office today for a consultation! We offer evening and weekend appointments!


Have a great summer!

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