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Not just a teeth cleaning Brampton!

We often hear its just a teeth cleaning I can push it off to later!!!! Well it certainly is not just a teeth cleaning, it is much more than that. Think about it, the mouth is the gateway to the rest of our body. The food we eat is chewed by our teeth and then it goes into our stomach. Bacteria from our mouth may go into the blood stream and cause complications to heart and other parts of the body, espcially those with poor oral health. Patients with chronic gum disease are at a higher risk of heart disease. If we are suffering from bleeding, swollen, tartar, stained filled teeth we need to focus on getting our mouth back to health because there is millions of bacteria in our mouth. Teeth cleaning focuses not only on cleaning from the surfaces of teeth but from in between as well as under the gums where more harmful bacteria resides. Special instruments are used to clean different parts of the teeth. A full assessment of gums is conducted to understand the oral health status and make a proper treatment plan. Sometimes we may need more than one cleaning appointment to achieve desired results. Preventative dental hygiene care is the best possible way to keep a healthy mouth and over all health. Call our office to book your oral health care appointment. 905 846 3999.


Sealants in Brampton

Prevention is everything, along with proper brushing and flossing there are other methods to prevent decay on teeth. Back teeth called molars are uneven, rough and have pits and deep grooves having food and bacteria trap easily. Sealant are a protective coating which is applied on teeth and it adheres on the chewing surfaces to prevent from food being trapped as the sealants make the tooth surface smooth with the thin coating acting as a physical barrier against food and bacteria. They are painless and there is no drilling. Our Brampton Dentist, Dental Assistant or Dental Hygienist are able to place sealants. They are highly recommended for newly erupted teeth on children as well as adults that may be at high risk for cavities.